Category: On Set


Final day of shooting Decisions,  a dramatic short film of vignettes that examine difficult choices. We have a cast of nineteen and we’re filming on a Red Epic.

Emmys Cold Open

I was the stand-in for Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the 2012 Emmys Cold Open. I hung out in a bathroom with Jimmy Kimmel, Zooey Deschanel, Christina Hendricks, Mindy Kaling, Kathy Bates, Connie Britton and Martha Plimpton.  I will cherish the moment I

The Ufologist

Wrapped dressing room scene of SAG ULB feature “The Ufologist.”  Big thanks to Alycia Tracy for bringing me onto the project.

Harper’s Video Diary

Wrapped Café shoot for Web Series “Harper’s Video Diary.”  Watch the full episode and follow the series as Harper takes the audience’s advice on how to recover from abuse and become a champion in her new life.

Bruce Malloy, PI Day 2

What do you do when the footage is not up to your standards?  You re-shoot.  Jus Riddick “Bruce Malloy, Private Investigator” as director with Pong Limlamai as director of photography.

Bruce Malloy, PI Day 1

Sylvia produced and performed as Melba the Private Secretary in this noir spoof about Private Investigator Bruce Malloy (Sean O’Neill) who can’t seem to say the right thing to Femme Fatale Mrs. DuBois (Fabienne Diskin).