I recently posted on Facebook about an encounter with sexism. It has generated a lot of response, so I’m re-posting the highlights here.

Original Post on November 9, 2016

Today, I stood up for myself.

As I waited for the elevator, contemplating the election, a co-worker approached and said, “Smile.” Contrary to my usual polite compliance, I looked at him and said, “No. I don’t have to smile just because someone is looking at me.” We rode the elevator in silence until I reached my floor and said, with a genuine smile, “Have a good day.” He responded in kind.

I’ve never liked when men (I have yet to encounter a woman doing so) greet me with an instruction to smile, but last night’s election results reminded me that I must stand against sexism, no matter how casual or well-intended. Pleasant conversation can start with a kind greeting as simple as “Hello.”

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Ladies Room 2016


Saturday, October 15th 7:30 – 9:00 pm


Bri Giger
Danielle Kraten
Briana Hansen
Madison Shepard
Ilea Matthews
hosted Sylvia Loehndorf

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My Super Power

I have a super power, and you might, too! Check out my Knowing Neurons interview about Synesthesia.

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Business of the Impossible Podcast

I’m excited to share my appearance on James Lontayao‘s podcast Business of the Impossible. We discuss the challenges of being an actor/comic/producer/mother in entertainment, and things we love.

Business of the Impossible Episode 8

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2nd Annual Ladies Room

I’m hosing the 2nd Annual Ladies Room Comedy Night at Actors Creative Workshop in Burbank on Saturday, December 13th at 8:00 pm. $5.00 gets you in to see an evening of funny female comics + refreshments and a raffle for product from our sponsor, Blowpaste.
RSVP here.


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Final day of shooting Decisions,  a dramatic short film of vignettes that examine difficult choices. We have a cast of nineteen and we’re filming on a Red Epic.

Decisions: The Cure

Decisions: The Cure

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Ghost in the Meadow

GitM Banner

Little Fish Theatre Presents

Ghost in the Meadow by Joe Simonelli
Directed by Paul Vander Roest

Featuring: Jocelyn Christensen, Madeleine Drake, Sherry Denton-Noonan, Alexandra Gulian, John Haegele, Sylvia Loehndorf & Alicia Moser

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UK Trip

Here are some highlights of our two weeks in the UK.

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NFMLA February 2014

New FilmMakers Los Angeles

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Another fantastic NFMLA festival. I was able to catch two of the three shorts series and meet several wonderful filmmakers. Here are some highlights.

Samnang. Endearing and funny, I was amazed to learn this was the lead actor’s first film. I could have watched this story for hours, and I still have a lingering desire to eat more doughnuts than would be medically advisable.


#twitterkills. At a crisp 11 minutes, I kept laughing and checked my laptop at home to ensure my safety when stretching the truth in tweets.

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Ladies Room Comedy Night

Announcing my newest endeavor: hosting & headlining an all-female comics night!

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