This Girl / That Guy Headliner

Catch me at Neon Venus this Saturday night headlining This Girl / That Guy’s November comedy party.

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Ladies to the Front

Catch me at the Ladies to the Front open mic tonight at 7:30 pm.

This Girl / That Guy July

Come out to Neon Venus to see me do a new 7-minute set with This Girl / That Guy tonight at 8:00 pm.

Actors Key International Showcase

I am proud to be a part of ACTOR’S KEY SPRING SHOWCASE: INTERNATIONAL EDITION.  We’ll be presenting scenes in English as well as foreign languages and performers’ native accents.

Our 25 actors include: Jen Albert (American), Ej Arriola (Tagalog), J. Omar Castro (Italian), Corey Clifford (American), Erick Esteban(Tagalog), Charlie Farrell (German), Sebastian Gagyi (Romanian), Jaq Galliano (German), J.P. Gillain (French) Nebula Gu (Mandarin),Jennifer Landa (Mexican), Sylvia Loehndorf (British), Jermaine Love (British), Gilli Messer (Hebrew), Rosie Moss (Hebrew), Erin Noble (American), Marco Parra (Spanish), Cristina Potoret (German), Emma Pyne (Irish), Christopher Rivas (American), Maria Roman (Romanian), Aimee Shyn (Korean), Stefania Spampinato (Italian), Jani Wang (Mandarin), Carole Weyers (French), plus live music by Jens Erik Gould.


The Actor’s Key 2013 Spring Showcase: International Edition

See 25 actors perform in English and their native language or accent including: HEBREW, ITALIAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, MANDARIN, TAGALOG, GERMAN, ROMANIAN, KOREAN, IRISH and BRITISH


Sunday, June 16th at 3:00 PM

Monday, June 17th at 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM

Location: The Actor’s Key

3504 West Magnolia Blvd

Burbank, CA 91505

About: Presenting an exciting 75 minutes of television and film scenes, with original music performed by Jens Erik.

After our hugely successful first showcase in December, we are proud to announce our diversity showcase. Please join us for this one-of-a-kind showcase as we kick off episodic season with strong talent and a unique twist on diversity never seen before. You won’t wanna miss this!

Visit our event site to see a cast photo:

Concept and Direction by Carmen Aiello

Produced by The Actor’s Key Studios 


Bruce Wins at Faux Film Festival

Bruce Malloy, Private Investigator wins the Audience Award for best short spoof at the Faux Film Festival 2013 in Portland, OR. Congratulations to the fabulous cast and crew.

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This Girl / That Guy 1st Time

I’m doing it! I’m doing a new set in front of people I don’t know. After Hanging was a great experience, but it was pretty safe since it was at my acting school. Join me tonight at Neon Venus at 8:00 pm.

Emmys Cold Open

I was the stand-in for Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the 2012 Emmys Cold Open. I hung out in a bathroom with Jimmy Kimmel, Zooey Deschanel, Christina Hendricks, Mindy Kaling, Kathy Bates, Connie Britton and Martha Plimpton.  I will cherish the moment I punched Jimmy in the gut, and he asked me to hit him harder in the next take.

Watch the video to see if you can spot me.  If it should be JL-D, but you can’t see her face, it’s me.

Thank you, Michael Torbiak, for bringing me in on this fun project.


Bruce Heads to Chicago

“Bruce Malloy, Private Investigator,” the neo-noir spoof short I produced and play a supporting role in, will be screening at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival in early November.  More Details to come.

After Hanging

Come see us tonight at the Skylight Theater at 10:00 pm.

After Hanging SBTB

After Hanging Promo

I am happy to announce that a few classmates and I are putting together a comedy night on June 1st.  Check out our promo video below, and don’t miss the behind-the-scenes video at the bottom.